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Chemical Element Facts

A chemical element is a form of matter that cant be broken into smaller pieces by any chemical reaction. Essentially, this means elements are like different building blocks used to construct matter.   At present, every element in the  periodic table  has been discovered or created  in a lab. There are 118 known elements. If another element, with a higher atomic number (more protons) is discovered, another row will need to be added to the periodic table. Elements and Atoms A sample of a pure element consists of one type of atom, which means each atom contains the same number of protons as every other atom in the specimen. The number of electrons in each atom can vary (different ions), as can the number of neutrons (different isotopes). Two samples of the exact same element may look completely different and exhibit different chemical and physical properties. This is because the atoms of the element can bond and stack in multiple ways, forming what are called allotropes of an element. Two examples of allotropes of carbon are diamond and graphite. The Heaviest Element The heaviest element, in terms of mass per atom, is element 118. However, the heaviest element in terms of density is either osmium (theoretically  22.61 g/cm3) or iridium (theoretically  22.65 g/cm3). Under experimental conditions, osmium is almost always more dense than iridium, but the values are so close and dependent on so many factors, it really makes no difference. Both osmium and iridium are about two times heavier than lead! The Most Abundant Elements The most abundant element in the universe is hydrogen, accounting for about 3/4 of the ordinary matter scientists have observed. The most abundant element in the human body is oxygen, in terms of mass, or hydrogen, in terms of atoms of an element present in the highest quantity. The Most Electronegative Element Fluorine is best at attracting an electron to form a chemical bond, so it readily forms compounds and participates in chemical reactions. This makes it the most electronegative element.  At the opposite end of the scale is the most electropositive element, which is the one with the lowest electronegativity. This is the element francium, which does not attract bonding electrons. Like fluorine, the element is extremely reactive, too, because compounds most readily form between atoms that have different electronegativity values. The Most Expensive Elements Its difficult to name the most expensive element because any of the elements from francium and higher atomic number (the transuranium elements) decay so quickly they cant be collected to be sold. These elements are unimaginably expensive because they are produced in a nuclear laboratory or reactor. The most expensive natural element you could actually buy would probably be lutetium, which would run  around $10,000 for 100 grams. Conductive and Radioactive Elements Conductive elements transfer heat and electricity. Most metals are excellent conductors, however, the most conductive metals are silver, followed by copper and gold. Radioactive elements  release energy and particles via radioactive decay. Its hard to say which element is the most radioactive, as all elements higher than atomic number 84 are unstable. The highest measured radioactivity comes from the element polonium. Just one milligram of polonium emits as many alpha particles as 5 grams of radium, another highly radioactive element. Metallic Elements The most metallic element is the one which displays traits of metals to the highest extent. These include the ability to be reduced in a chemical reaction, the capacity to form chlorides and oxides, and the ability to displace hydrogen from dilute acids. Francium is technically the most metallic element, but since there are only a few atoms of it on Earth at any given time, cesium deserves the title.

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Obamacare vs. Trumpcare - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 4 Words: 1268 Downloads: 9 Date added: 2019/03/22 Category Politics Essay Level High school Topics: Barack Obama Essay Donald Trump Essay Did you like this example? Should Americans have to pay for health insurance? If you are a young adult in todays day and age the first thought that would come to mind would be to say yes. By saying yes you are standing for the Affordable Care Act aka, Obamacare; which includes a requirement called the individual mandate. This is the mandatory health insurance of any and everyone who can afford to pay for it, thus creating money for the ones who can not. By saying no, you are agreeing that healthcare should be individual and that everyone should be held accountable for their own health and health care methods. These two concepts have been widely controversial for the past couple of years, with people disputing which is more unconstitutional than the other. The fact of the matter is that while the ACA may be socially and morally correct to most, it is much more unconstitutional, to say the least. THE AHCA IS SOMETHING THAT CAN CORRECT THE UNCONSTITUTIONAL NATURE OF THE ACA AND CAN HELP BRING JUSTICE, ACTION, AND CHANGE TO TODAYS MEDICAL CRISIS. When the American people think of their own laws and rights, one of the biggest ones is our freedom of choice. If it wasnt for this crucial concept in our society, America as a whole would not be the same, so why is it mandatory to pay for anything, let alone something as expensive as health insurance? Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Obamacare vs. Trumpcare" essay for you Create order Health insurance has always been expensive but because of the requirements in which the ACA demands, insurance is now higher than ever. For the people who decide to opt-out, a penalty fee is given in order to force people to consider getting insurance and to provide insurance coverage for the ones who can not afford it. This is unconstitutional as people are getting a penalty for making more than what is considered enough in the eyes of the law. It also forces people to provide care for people they are not legally obligated to so, in the eyes of the law, this should be deemed wrong while in the eyes of society it can be deemed ethical. This penalty threat in turn ended up backfiring as many people decided to pay the fee instead of getting the actual insurance itself (Potter). 4 million people did this to escape the heavier prices that many insurance companies expect today (Amadeo). This shows that the American people do not see this as something that is just and should be paid for an d would rather go without insurance. Going without insurance is a risk they understand as their own and are held responsible for any payments they may need to make in order to get health care. Listening to our people should be the number one concern and many of them have shown that paying for others insurance is not something they want to be a part of. The law causes many issues, especially for the middle class. The prices alone are enough to heavily affect the lives and spending habits of many American citizens. It is estimated that 3-5 million people lost their health insurance due to it not complying to the Obamacare requirements (Amadeo). This left 3-5 million people lost and on a search to find another provider. This was another reason many people decided to pay the extra fee instead of going through the difficult process to find another insurance company which could, in turn, end up being much more expensive to fit all of the requirements and services that needed to be added to fit the new Obamacare standard. To fund this new plan, the taxes paid for by higher income families, middle-class families, and the health industry rose and created more of a stretch for cash for the middle-class families. Since they make up much of American citizens the economy is struggling to keep up. It also created a rise in health care prices short term due to all of the new parts to the coverage and the increased usage of these services. The ACA has the ability to ruin the economy and can be the difference between adding millions of more dollars to our debt or finally demanding individual responsibility. This is what the AHCA is about as it teaches people to provide for themselves rather than rely on a country that is already trillions of dollars in debt. There are many concerns regarding the AHCA and what it truly entails. Many fear they will lose their health care or will not qualify to receive it. While this is an understandable fear for many, it is not exactly reasonable. AHCA is a law that is very similar to ACA. It still works to provide people with quality health care and insurance but simply thinks that not everyone needs to participate. AHCA still uses many of the positive provisions that were provided through Obamacare, such as the non-discrimination of people with pre-existing conditions applying for insurance (Athar). This is something that was a big concern for many as they did not want to be turned away from insurance companies. The fear for many that are against AHCA is the quantity of health care providers that are available to help more people, what they are not looking at however is the quality of healthcare and how it is diminishing under Obamacare (Sataline). The quality of healthcare is slowly dwindling under the ACA, this is because there is a shortage of doctors willing to work under such conditions. It is estimated that the nation could be facing a shortage of up to 150,000 doctors in the upcoming 15 years, which will, in turn, cause a higher demand for doctors and prices will, again, start to rise. There is also a fear that because there will be such a shortage, that many patients will be turned away to focus on the more serious cases presented (Cusack). This is a problem as it can actually mean that fewer people are being provided with adequate health care and more people will have to find alternative methods of care. Since more people have access to health insurance using the ACA, the misuse of it will also increase creating crowding in ERs, hospitals, and clinics which will further the diminishing quality of healthcare under Obamacare. In conclusion, the ACA provides many with health care and insurance that they may not have been able to receive before. However, this is at the expense of the millions of middle and higher income families and individuals who must pay extra to support the ones who can not support themselves. This causes confusion within the different groups about who should pay what and how much. The ACA has been shown to be unconstitutional due to its lack of regard for the peoples freedom of choice, the strain it puts on huge groups in society, and lack of effectiveness it is having for most Americans. Their efforts to get people to involve themselves in obtaining health insurance have been unsuccessful with many people finding ways around the bigger payments that must be made to the insurance companies. It is also hard on the companies as they are being forced to create plans that suit the Obamacare requirements and many are shutting things down completely. While this plan works in theory, in real life many people are not so care-free with their money and work hard to obtain it in order to pay for the things that they want or need. Regulating what we pay for is going against our basic rights and our freedom of choice and because of that, it is unconstitutional in nature.

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The Early Years Of The American Civil War - 1265 Words

The study of the early years of the America republic has not received the same attention from historians, as have many other periods of American history. In fact, only slavery and sectionalism, the leading causes of the American Civil War, have been consistently covered in much of the historical study of the first half of the nineteenth century. This became quite obvious with the readings that I spent time with this semester. Many were somewhat long in the tooth, yet still remained standard bearers for their topic, as further study has been sporadic or nearly nonexistent. This seems especially true of the studies that attempt to bring together the various elements in a manner that creates a big picture of the time period. Regional or social histories have dominated this period in the last twenty years and perhaps it is time for a new attempt at integrating the various pieces of the puzzle into a coherent picture. This is not to dismiss the people and groups that make the story, but to put their story back into a greater context. The numerous books I read, when pieced together, accomplish this to some degree, but this manner is incomplete, as it does not, nor were the majority of the authors intending too, create a complete picture of what America was like in the early nineteenth century. The first historian to attempt an overarching theme of the west was Frederick Jackson Turner in his Significance of the Frontier in American History. For years, Turner’s vision wasShow MoreRelatedSlavery And The Civil War958 Words   |  4 Pagesthe white race†¦ in some ways even more so, because they gave the sweat of their brow and their blood in slavery so that many parts of America could become prosperous and recognized in the world†, this is quote from Josephine Baker, one of America’s early prominent black performers. Slavery, which will be discussed in greater detail, affected Africans kidnapped from their homeland and brought to the Am ericas to be sold and forced to work in horrible, vile, disgusting conditions. Slavery was also a greatRead MoreHistory of the Blues Essay1018 Words   |  5 PagesBlues traces back many generations. Many articles have been written over the years helping readers better understand the history and importance of Blues music. All the articles have a similar attitude toward The Blues. Each article makes Blues Musics social and musical importance and impact blaringly obvious. Summary: Articles pertaining to the history and importance of The Blues. Cavender, Jason. Civil War Music. Reference Guide to Literature and Arts, 2nd Edition. 20 March 2003. Read MoreEssay on Supreme-Commander, Dwight David Ike Eisenhower1682 Words   |  7 Pagesexpect to achieve when he was young. Unlike Dwight’s brothers, he went to serve in the military before World War I broke out. During World War I he was Second Lieutenant commanding a Tank Corps. Before World War II broke out he was General MacArthurs assistant in the Philippines. Soon after that assignment he was sent back to America to lead another Tank Corps. He did that for around three years and then he was appointed Supreme-Commander of the Allied Forces in Northern Africa (Center 1). After NorthernRead MoreEssay on The Civil Rights Movement1708 Words   |  7 PagesThe civil rights movement comprised efforts of grassroots activists and national leaders to obtain for African Americans the basic rights guaranteed to American citizens in the Constitution. The key players in succee ding with the civil rights movement were the soldiers returning from the war, Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), and the anti-Vietnam War activists. During the civil rights movement, nearly every African American had experiencedRead MoreSlavery Cause for Civil War1483 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿ SLAVERY (THE MAIN CAUSE OF THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR) US History to 1877 – HIST101 American Military University, 26 April 2014 Many factors led to the occurrence of the American Civil War. The key issues were slavery, different political ideologies, right of the people, and economic reasons. However, the key reasons that lead to the Civil War was slavery. Slavery is touted as the main cause of the conflict between the states in the northern part and those in theRead MoreAggression : The Export Of Violence927 Words   |  4 Pagesthe American Civil War. Both the North and South were fighting for their version of democracy in the Civil War. Lincoln optimized this in his closing line of the Gettysburg Address, â€Å"that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.† Several battles for both sides added to the attrition efforts and almost achieved a decisive victory but fell short. America felt the effects of battles on the home front and the political twisting that came with a war threateningRead MoreThe American Revolution, Or First Civil War?997 Words   |   4 PagesJoseph Anhalt Duce Class Title 25 March 2015 The American Revolution, or first civil war? The American Revolution was a Civil War, at first. One outstanding reason for this is that the colonies at the time were still recognized as a part of the british empire. Being apart of the british empire would there endow us with being from the same nation, maki9ng the act of war upon ourselves at the time a Civil war.The combatants of this war were The Loyalist, the ones who chose to stay with the britishRead MoreChapter 22 Apush Key Terms1694 Words   |  7 PagesLincoln and was intended to last for one year after the end of the Civil War. At the end of the war, the Bureaus main role was providing emergency food, housing, and medical aid to refugees, though it also helped reunite families. Later, it focused its work on helping the freedmen adjust to their conditions of freedom. Its main job was setting up work opportunities and supervising labor contracts. 8. Exodusters Was a name given to African Americans who left the south[Kansas] in 1879 andRead MoreEssay on DEVELOPMENT OF THE U S ARMY929 Words   |  4 PagesOF THE U S ARMY Since its birth on 14 June 1775-over a year before the Declaration of Independence-the United States Army has played a vital role in the growth and development of the American nation. It won the new Republics independence in an arduous eight-year struggle against Great Britain, at times providing the lone symbol of nationhood around which patriots could rally. During the Civil War it preserved the Union through four years of biter conflict that turned brother against brother. ItRead MoreRace And Reunion : The Civil War1581 Words   |  7 Pagessouth. Striving for a reunion, a majority of American white communities close obscure the civil war racial narrative would only fade. In race and reunion: The Civil War in American memory, by David Blight, represents how Americans chose to remember the Civil War conflict, from the beginning of the turning point of the war. The two major themes race and reunion, demonstrate how white Americans adjusted and altered the causes and outcomes of the Civil War to reflect their particular ideas regarding

Outline and Evaluate the Psychodynamic Model of Abnormality Free Essays

Outline and evaluate the psychodynamic model of abnormality. (12 Marks) The psychodynamic model (which is based on Freud’s theories) states that abnormalities are results of a conflict which has gone wrong in the â€Å"psyche† (in the mind). Freud’s idea states that the psyche – which is made up of the (id, ego and superego), should all work in perfect harmony with each other to avoid being an abnormal person. We will write a custom essay sample on Outline and Evaluate the Psychodynamic Model of Abnormality or any similar topic only for you Order Now It is the idea that conscious thoughts and feelings are determined by the unconscious mind, and essentially being mentally healthy requires a good balance between: the id (which controls the desires for which we live for in order to satisfy ourselves), the superego (which takes into consideration morals and the difference between right and wrong) and the ego (which balances the superego and id to keep our behaviour in check). From these 3 components in the psyche, you can quickly see that the id and superego are constantly in conflict. This ultimately means that for a person to not develop a psychological disorder – a strong ego is necessary as it will â€Å"get the best of both worlds† and create a balance, while allowing the superego and id to express themselves (when suitable), without dominating the personality and hence, causing a psychological disorder. An example of an abnormality which could occur from the id being too strong in kids (is developing conduct disorders). In adults (they become psychopaths), all because of the personality being taken over by the id. If the superego is too strong socially acceptable pleasures will be hard to come by as neurotic behaviours such as phobias and obsessions will be apparent, as they will be constantly fixated with things that they want to do but â€Å"cant† because their too scared. Freud thought that the childhood of an individual was essential in the development of personality and that all abnormal behaviours are linked to childhood. There are different ages associated with different stages. An example of this is the oral stage which usually happens between (0-18 months) – the focus of pleasure is the mouth (feeding or dummy) and if this is fixated upon, this could lead to overeating or smoking in order to comfort themselves and their mouth. Another example is the anal stage (2-4 years). A conflict may arise when potty training as if the child receives either excessive punishment or the parents are too lenient during this stage it can lead to a fixation which will be taken to adult life. The end result could either be a person who has an anal retentive personality (stubborn perfectionist obsessed with tidiness) or an anal repulsive personality (messy person with no self-control), according to Freud. The evaluation of Freud’s model is that many detailed pieces of data were obtained as it was a case study. The findings did support Freud’s hypotheses and theories. However Freud’s ideas were very subjective as not much – if any scientific data was produced to back his work up. This therefore raises question marks over the reliability of his findings and theories. Also the evidence from the case study came from his own patients who could compel us to think that his results are unreliable, as his patients may have been biased and essentially gave the answers Freud wanted, because they were his patients. How to cite Outline and Evaluate the Psychodynamic Model of Abnormality, Essay examples

Business Law Paper free essay sample

Websites have allowed for the virtual facilitation of basic needs and have taken dating and relationships to a whole new level. These sites promise to make the dating game easy, comfortable, and convenient for their users. Promises to match you with the perfect partner and to increase the longevity of your personal relationships make online dating seem too good to be true. But what happens when this utopia of personal interaction comes crashing down?In the following pages, online dating and the risks, responsibilities, and limitations associated with such revise will be analyses and connected to the legal principles discussed in the Introduction to Business Law course. To best exemplify the importance of business law in online dating sites, the extremely popular site Raymond, more specifically the Singles Service in Canada, will be analyses. The sites user agreement consists of two main parts: the Terms of Service and the Privacy policy which will both be discussed. We will write a custom essay sample on Business Law Paper or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The first section of the report will dissect each individual clause from both documents and simplify them to explain what they mean and why the company chose to include the provisions. This will create a thorough understanding of what is included in the agreement. Next, the legal principles that have been discussed in the Business Law course will be expressly linked to the user agreement in order to establish the connection between contractual agreements and an individuals responsibilities, risks and duties once the contract is signed.In addition, various recommendations regarding the use of the site as well as lessons learned from the completion of this paper will be offered in detail, with an example of a scenario explaining the role of the contract when things go wrong. Finally, a list of corrective measures that can be applied to improve the protection offered by the contract to the company and to clarify limitations on the service will be outlined.Thus, this paper will serve as a tool to better understand the contractual relationship between people and online services, as well as how companies protect themselves from any risks that may arise as a result of such relationships. II Introduction Overview and Objectives: In order to achieve success in the world of business, a firm grasp of the fundamental principles of the law is crucial, not only to conduct business in he present but also to forecast and prepare for risks in the future. The purpose of this paper is to perform a clausal analysis of the content of a user agreement from an online dating site, in order to understand the importance of contractual relationships in a business setting, and to link the key legal principles to the contract The goal is to achieve a thorough understanding of the role that such contracts play in commerce and the risks associated with entering into contractual relationships. The main objectives are to explain, in detail, a breakdown of the user agreement of the chosen dating site and to mind any legal issues within the wording or aims of the agreement.Essentially, this means that the paper seeks to identify and rectify any concerns that could lead to a legal dispute. Also, another objective would be to link the content of the agreement to the basic legal principles in order to apply the conceptual knowledge of the course to a real life situation regarding the online relationships facilitated by the dating service. Methodology: In order to achieve the above goals, several steps were carried out. First, various online dating sites were considered and narrowed down to three Seibel choices: Raymond, Match. Mom, and Christian Mingle. Three ideas were brought forth regarding which site to analyses in order to determine which sites could potentially hold more issues and which site had sufficient content to be analyzed effectively. Next in the process, Raymond was chosen as the site that would be the target for analysis. Raymond is a very popular dating site and is well known due to their numerous infomercials and online advertisements and thus presents a great opportunity to examine the elements involved in a formal and well-designed user agreement.Following he choosing of a site, a copy of the user agreement from Raymond was obtained and given an initial review. This step acted as the first run through of the agreement, which involved identifying possible legal issues in the clauses, highlighting important points form each clause, and gaining a general understanding of the agreement. The agreement consisted of two Separate documents titled Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, each outlining the obligations of the company and the customer respectively.In addition, an examination of the actual purpose and requirements of the assignment was carried out. In this particular phase of the paper, the course outline was reviewed and the outline of the paper was scrutinized, while the main objectives, purpose, and necessary content were identified. Also, questions for the professor were prepared such as an inquiry into the differences between an executive summary and an introduction as well as what the best method of applying course material to the term paper would be. A rough outline and schedule was established as a subsequent step.The paper was broken down into its individual sections, such as Executive Summary, Introduction, Clause Analysis, Application of Principles, Lessons Learned, and Corrective Measures and each part was assigned a time frame in which it was to be completed. The time line consists of deadlines for each section and its components and acts as a rough draft of the paper itself. Once a general concept of what the paper would look like was obtained, the actual process of formally writing the paper commenced. Key point s from the outline/rough draft were expanded on in the body of the report. The executive summary and introduction were added first, allowing for further arrangement and planning for the papers progression of ideas. Successively, the analysis and explanation of the clauses form the agreement were conducted. Each clause was explained in a simplified manner in great detail. The process involved going over each clause from the agreement and simply rewording, explaining and justifying each clause. Notes on the previously identified clauses where legal issues existed were also included. The next phase involved the application of all the legal principles from the course to the term paper.Starting from the first lecture and using the course textbook for clarification, each of the legal topics covered throughout the semester were linked to the main theme of the paper: contractual relationships in the world of online dating. Finally, the lessons learned from completing the term paper as well as recommendations to remedy the legal issues in some of the clauses were identified. Taking each of the clauses identified as having a potential issue, inconsistency or ambiguities were discussed and a solution to each problem was given.Fictitious examples of how a problem could manifest itself as a result of the clauses were also explained in this final phase. Business Relationship: The concepts covered in this report as well as the concept of a contractual agreement that outlines liabilities, responsibilities and duties is inextricably linked to the modern business environment. Such documentation is essential in order to provide a guideline of how to handle issues when they arise in business practices. Business owners must be able to expect the unexpected and be able to create a sort of contingency in the event that things go wrong.As a result, they must be prepared to deal with these events and have proper proce dures in place. The documentation also acts as an insurance policy in the sense that it explicitly states the responsibilities and risks associated with product or service. This allows the company to avoid being penalized or to suffer unnecessary losses because the customer or user was made fully aware of the risks associated with the service or product, and of the responsibilities they take on as a result of their purchase or membership decision.The ability off company to understand and implement such a system is essential for any business to succeed and will prevent unnecessary hardships that have real potential to sink a business indefinitely. In addition to covering the assets of the business, documentation and explanation of hat a product or service entails is crucial to the consumer as well. The business has a responsibility on its own to inform the customer of issues relating to privacy and use of the customers personal information etc. This ensures that the business does not violate any leg al doctrines regarding the safety and security of customer information.Therefore, the relation between a contractual agreement between user and business is one of preparation for the worst that could possibly happen to ensure the survival and longevity of ones business into the future, no matter what legal issues may arise. Ill Clausal Description and Explanation Document 1: Privacy Policy (3 pages) 1 Statement of accreditation a. States that Raymond has been reviewed by Trustee, an organization that ensures that online websites adhere to certain restriction and follow proper privacy practices, and has received the Trustee Privacy Seal. . Trustee privacy policy guidelines state that a policy must include 1. Transparency: ability of the user to understand clearly 2. Accountability: responsibility for collection and application of user information 3. Choice of information use: the user is awarded choice of how Harmony uses their personal information ii. Raymond has included this provision to state that it is designated by a professional company that they adhere to privacy laws and ensure the highest level of privacy security. 2. ) Purpose of Privacy Statement a.There is a brief statement that identifies the reason for and the function of the privacy policy in the Raymond site i. States that the statement discloses the privacy practices of Raymond INC. As well as any of its subsidiaries 3. ) What information we collect a. This clause identifies the types of information the company collects about the user i. Information is separated into two main categories 1. Personally identifiable information a. This form of information is defined as any information that can be used to identify user 2.Non-personally identifiable information a. The second Category is the total information that does not reveal the identity of the individual user b. This clause is included to protect the company from users who make claims against the company due to breach of privacy or illegal use of personal information. 4. ) How we collect and use information a. The clause outlines the processes through which Raymond collects the woo categories of information and how it intends to use the information it collects.This is included to cover the company by indicating that the user is aware of the collection and use of information by Raymond, thus aiding in rehearings defense if a dispute should arise. i. There are eleven different processes and uses of any users information within Raymond and can be outlined as: 1. Log files refer to any information that is collected about the customer once they log into the Raymond website. This includes but IS not limited to Internet Protocol addresses, Interment Service Providers, theInternet browser used to find Raymond such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome etc. , the number of clicks the user makes while on the companys site. The clause then explains that the company intends to use this information to analyze user trends, provide the dating service, avert fraudulent activity, to track general user movement through the website and to gather demographic information about individual users. An example of such information collection and its application IS provided as well. 2. Cookies are used to track users activity whilst using the site.A definition of cookies is revived as very small files placed on the users computer to count site visitors and identify new visitors compared to repeat visitors. Raymond also Uses the cookies to identify user trends and save the preferences Of its users to provide more efficient use of the website. As a final statement, Raymond explicitly states that cookies are required for optimal functionality of the site and if the user refuses to allow cookies to access their computer, the user accepts all responsibility for the loss in performance of the sight due to the inability of the sites cookies to operate. . Web beacons are identified by Harmony as an accompaniment to their use of cookies as they collect limited information about the user and allow Raymond to improve the website for its users. Raymond then proceeds to explain how the web beacons are embedded in emails to provide them with information about the users email preferences and activities. They then divulge a statement of how Raymond does not connect any web beacons to personally identifiable information that could compromise the users identity 4.Information about you is collected by R aymond in a variety of ways. With the Singles service, Raymond takes information that the user provides through the initial set of questionnaires that the user must complete in order to join the site. The answers to the questionnaire are voluntary and are used to create the users profile for other users to see. However, Raymond explicitly states under this clause that the company does not allow other users to see personally identifiable information and that the information is completely confidential.The clause also discusses the use of photos videos. Once photos are volunteered to Raymond, they can be shared with users of Raymond services and are kibbles to others using the websites. 5. Purchase information is collected by Raymond, including name, address, phone number, email address and credit card number. Raymond then states that the company only uses this information to process orders or for some other identified reason. Note that this other purpose is not spelled out in the clause.The clause then explains that the transactions are very well secured through the use of secure socket layer (SSL) which is standard, as well as a third party installed security system, who also have access to your information but only for the purpose of securing your information from malicious software and users. 6. Emails and telephone calls are monitored by Raymond once users join. This section of the clause explains that once the user verifies their email address and phone number, Raymond is able to not only send the user emails and telephone calls, but also is able to track what the user does with the sent emails from the company.Email and telephone information is used for registration as well as site promotion. The receiving of promotional emails and calls can be stopped by following the directions provided in the clause. Finally, a line dating that the companys practices regarding emails and telephone information is in full compliance with the United States CAN SPAM act. 7. Demographic data is also collected by Raymond for the purpose of tailoring the site to suit user preferences and is provide to advertisers etc. Information provided to advertisers is strictly non-identifiable. 8.Online survey data is within the rights of Raymond to be collected and utilized. This clause States that they are entitled to collect the information users enter into the company online surveys in order to improve the site for users. In addition, voluntary rivers are offered randomly and any restrictions or legal implications will be provided to users. The clause also states that Raymond will not link the information from surveys to personally identifiable information and the customer is not required to answer survey questions as they are purely voluntary. . Information regarding your friends is openly encouraged under this section of the agreement. The company requests that current users recommend the site to friends by providing Raymond with the name and contact information of the friend, which will be stored in the companys records for future use. A one-time email offer will then be sent to the designated friend. The clause also states that by agreeing to the contract, the user agrees not to abuse the feature by providing the information of someone they know is not interested in using Raymond services.The clause also outlines other circumstances in which the friend feature can be used such as delivering the membership as a gift. 10. Public forum is a feature explained in this clausal sub category. The user is cautioned that any information that they post on the provided discussion board feature of the service is automatically considered public information and it is the accessibility of the user to determine whether they wish to post personally identifiable information and to be respectful when posting on the board. Direction to consult the manual for using public forums is provided. 1. Use for research is an additional agreement made by the customer once they agree to the terms of service and privacy policy. In this section, the clause explains that the company is allowed to take any information you provide and use it for research into dating and relationships, as well as the right o publish their findings in research journals. They state also that non-personally identifiable information will be used in such research and the information will be provided in the spirit of complete anonymity. 5. ) Disclosure of information to third parties a.The inclusion fifths clause is primarily to notify the public that Raymond holds the right to disclose any of its collected information to certain parties under specific circumstances and at its own discretion. It is included to protect the company from being prosecuted for sharing personal information without consent. B. Disclosure by law clause i. The body of this section explains that by signing the agreement, the user acknowledges the fact that Raymond is able to disclose any information provided by the user if Raymond is required to do so by law.This is true for both requests made from independent parties outside of the company as well as the event that Raymond decides that it is necessary to provide certain information in order to adhere to the law, requests of legal enforcers or by some other legal process, to protect the rights of Raymond or the rights Of the third party involved, and finally, to protect the health and safety of another. The example of threats facilitated by the site is given in the clause as well. C. Disclosure to protect abuse victims i. The information contained in this particular clause states that despite the guidelines of other sections of the agreement, Raymond can, but is not obligated to, provide information to the proper authority in the event that the company believes or sees reason to believe that the information contains evidence that a person has been or is currently being abused in any way. A list of the different types of abuse covered by the clause is also included and ranges from elderly abuse to domestic violence.The proper authorities are also defined and listed and a statement verifying that the user understands hat by agreeing to the policy, they permit the disclosure of such information in the future and acknowledge the right of Raymond to do so. D. Disclosure to trusted third parties by Raymond i. An explicit statement that the company holds the right to disclose information to third parties at its own discretion is provided here. Such information include personally and non-personally identifiab le information in the event that the third party is an associate of Raymond and carries out functions on the companys behalf. This is including the ability of these third parties to use such information as email addresses etc. o contact the user for their own promotional purposes. However the user is entitled to deny such notifications on their own email settings or through the subsequent opt out section of the agreement. E. Disclosure of information to third parties at the users request i. This clause simply describes the option available to users that in the event that the user chooses to respond to the accepted third party advertisements or promotions, they can do so independently or through Raymond. Harmony states that it will facilitate the transfer of personal information to the third party but does not take responsibility for any images, dissatisfaction or defects in the services or products purchased from the third parties. F. Information transferred as a result of sale of business i. This particular clause refers to the event of the company being bought by another business. If this were to occur, the users personal information could be considered part of the assets of Raymond and therefore could be sold as part of the deal with the purchasing company.The clause is notifying the individual that by agreeing to the contract they accept this fact. 6. ) Third party advertising a. Under this provision, the agreement outlines the fact that Raymond sites allows third party advertisers to utilize cookies and web beacons to track ad effectiveness and personal information gathered is completely anonymous, therefore complying with the rest of the privacy agreement. The company also states that it will only provide information to third party advertisers under the conditions and for the uses listed above.The clause is included to clearly identify who is liable for any negative consequences that may OCCUr as a result of users utilizing the third party advertisements that appear on the site. Also, it is to protect the company from being accused of personal information theft or misuse. 7. ) Age restrictions a. There is a standard age requirement that stands across all Raymond agreements and anyone under the age limit is denied access due to legal restrictions in the jurisdiction of California law enforcement. If a user is suspected of being underage and forges date of birth, the company holds the right to terminate the membership.This clause is important it identifies that there is a legal as well as ethical obligation of Raymond to abide by legal age restriction in its immediate area of legal jurisdiction and it protects the company from being accused of age discrimination. . ) rarity a. An outline of the high security measures taken to secure user information in the company databases is provided in this section. However, the clause also says that because information over the Internet can never be one hundred percent secure, there is always a risk of the misuse, abuse or alteration of personal information and accept no liability for such events f they occur.The user agrees to this by signing the contract. This is included to shift liability for any damages resulting from security breaches to the user. Raymond makes no assurance of total safety and therefore cannot be held accountable if such risks should materialize. 9. ) Retention and storage of user information a. The company has included the idea that they have the right to retain information for as long as it takes for the intended purpose of such information to be fulfilled. Simply put, they hold the right to keep records of user information for the duration of membership and after the user leaves. Harmony can and will store information out of province and out of the users country of residence. This clause is included to simply cover Raymond in the event that users are uncomfortable with their information being shipped round the country via the internet for anyone to see. Reasonable assurance is given to the user that their information is safe and the fact that the user has been informed of such transportations and storage of information keeps Raymond safe from any legal dispute claims that could arise. 10. ) Links to other sites a.Under this clause, the concept that users can access their accounts from other sites, such as social networking sites that have different privacy policies is introduced. Raymond defends its position that it is not responsible for the privacy policies of other sites and it advices users of other sites that have Harmony links to be cautious, and to read the privacy policy Of the sites. This acts as a motion of good faith by Raymond because the company is not just protecting itself from user interactions with unrelated third parties, but it also tr ies to warn the user as well. 1 Choice/Opt-out a. A list of options for removing personal information such as email status is provided under this section. The company provides this information to allow users to choose not to be notified by third party advertisers or to not be connected by Raymond for promotions etc. 12. ) Updating information a. A list of options for updating previously submitted information is included under this provision of the agreement in order to keep user profiles and contact information up to date 13. Contact information for the company to give users the ability to ask questions 14. ) Acceptance of privacy statement a. This clause is just a statement that states that the user has effectively agreed to the terms of the policy and that if any changes are required by Raymond, the company holds the right to change the policy as they see fit, and will post such changes to the site. This clause allows Raymond to make NY changes it sees fit without encountering disputes. Document Two: Terms of Service (five pages) 1 Introduction a.In this section, the document is identified as the legal agreement between the user and Raymond. A brief verification of who and where Raymond is, is laid out here, and a warning to users who do not agree with the terms of service to cease using the service. It is important to note that the last line of this clause is stating that the company holds the right to change the terms of service at any time and at their complete discretion. It also states that the intended use of the service is the indication that the terms have been agreed to. . ) Eligibility: the eligibility clause is included to set guidelines for who is allowed to join the service, as well as to protect the company from discrimination claims. A. In this section, the criteria that users must meet in order to become members of the Raymond service is expressed in detail. A minimum age is established at eighteen years in Canada, and older in some jurisdictions. B. A required marital status is also set to protect users. Users who join must not be bound by marriage in order to take advantage of the service.

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